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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gardenia Hung's Gardening And Landscaping On June 10, 2005 In The Village of Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois USA

On June 10, 2005, I was home all day at my Lombard Brick Bungalow at 502 South Westmore Avenue and Washington Boulevard, lawn mowing and landscaping with the Deluxe CRAFTSMAN Lawn Mower from Sears, Roebuck & Co.which I bought with Nathan S. Wittler at the Oak Brook Shopping Center.  I also went with my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung to buy the first mechanical gasoline operated CRAFTSMAN lawn mower when we first moved to the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow after September 2, 1993.  So, we had two (2) CRAFTSMAN Lawn Mowers from Sears, Roebuck & Co. purchased at the Oak Brook Shopping Center in Du Page County, Illinois USA.
Since it was Saturday for the weekend, I was doing household chores at home all weekend:  clearing the brush and the fallen tree branches around my Lombard garden for the Summer during the second week in June 2005.  I also had to trim the two (2) Forsythia bushes after these had bloomed for the Spring.  All my flowers had bloomed on June 10, 2005.  The Peonies were fully dressed with bright, colorful blossoms.  The Red Roses by the front door were all trailing and showing off their best colors over the white border fences I had placed around them for protection.
I had to mow the lawn and landscape the entire corner around the front lawn at 502 South Westmore Avenue and the side lawn on Washington Boulevard.  Afterwards, I had to mow the backyard lawn, adjoining the Carpenters’ driveway. 
Before I started lawn mowing and landscaping, I had purchased Gasoline for the CRAFTSMAN Deluxe Lawn Mower at the Lombard Gas Station on St. Charles Road, near Villa Park. So, I filled the Red Gasoline Tank holder with 2.5 gallons of gasoline for the lawn chores at our Lombard Brick Bungalow.
On Saturday, June 10, 2005, I had to do a lot of the household chores for the weekend, including all the lawn mowing and the landscaping, the tree pruning, and the brush from the fallen branches off the two (2) Red Maples out front, and the inside Maple Tree in the backyard.
I found fresh Strawberries, sweet and ripe from my Lombard garden.  There were also currants, and raspberries in my garden patch.  The Stark Brothers Nursery had shipped three (3) Apple Saplings for Golden Delicious and Red Delicious Apples which started my Orchard.  Later I added another Apple Tree, which made four (4) apple-bearing fruit trees for Apple Pie, Apple Sauce, Apple Jam, and Tarte des Pommes Tatin.
On Saturday, the Carpenters’ two boys were playing basketball in their backyard while I was doing my Lombard lawn mowing and landscaping, and their dog was outside playing with them also.
After I finished all the gardening chores in my Lombard garden, I filmed a digital video of my completed garden landscaping project, as a videography of my Lombard summer garden on June 10, 2005.
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