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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

From East To West The Two Shall Meet by the North Shore

From The East Lakeshore in Rogers Park To Lilac Town
Commuters in the Chicagoland area use all the rainbow color-coded railway lines of the CTA Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Brown, Purple, Orange, and Yellow elevated trains and subways to travel from the east Lakeshore in Rogers Park to Lilac town all the way to the western suburbs in DuPage County, Illinois.  Plus the buses are linked between the CTA and PACE Suburban commuter routes travelling east to west, across towns, from Rogers Park…all the way to Lombard in York Township,  DuPage County, Illinois USA.  In addition, the Union Pacific Railroad METRA moves in all directions for travelers and commuters. 
For the last twenty (20) years, while I lived in Lilac Town, at the corner of Westmore Avenue, the west suburban bus PACE Route 313 picks up and drops off commuting passengers at the corner of Washington Boulevard and then travels south along Westmore-Meyers Road to the Yorktown Shopping Mall.
It is not surprising to find visitors, travelers, and commuters from DuPage County in Rogers Park and viceversa.  DuPage County seniors citizens, disabled, retarded, women and children many times are transported  for relocation to Rogers Park from the western suburbs unbeknown to their relatives and family friends.  For instance, my Mother who lived with me and left Lilac Town on January 12, 2006 near St. Pius X Catholic Church and School, was relocated by Elmhurst Memorial Hospital to be near Loyola University Lake Shore Campus to continued Graduate Studies in Spanish Literature with Dr. Carol Holdsworth, which is known to be in the Rogers Park area.  Since my Mother was relocated near Loyola University, a Catholic University managed by the Jesuits, she never contacts me, writes to me or calls me on the telephone—even when she has my telephone number.  After I helped my Mother to be discharged from Illinois Masonic Hospital for Thanksgiving in November 2005, she was staying with me at my Lombard home, 502 S. Westmore Avenue and Washington Boulevard near the Deicke Home for the Retarded.  While I went to the Harold Washington Library, someone visited my Mother from Rogers Park and disturbed her, causing her to have a crisis at our Lombard home in DuPage Co., Illinois USA.
Family friends of my parents, Cousin Fernando Wong and his wife Yoland Fen with their children Meiling, Fernandito, and Sueling lived in the Rogers Park area on Howard Street before they moved along the same street to suburban Skokie, Illinois.  Fernando Wong worked with my Father at the Felt-Product Corporation on McCormick Boulevard and Touhy Avenue.  Mr. Mendoza and his son Frank who attended Northeastern Illinois University with me and belonged to the Spanish Club, also worked at Felt-Pro in Skokie, Illinois USA.
During the 1970s and 1980s, I lived with my parents at a house owned by Mrs. Marie Palmer, next to the Muellers’ family and their Grandson Billy Reznick, on the Northwest side of Chicago.  From 1971 to 1973, I attended Avondale Elementary School where Mrs. Calliope Markou was the Principal, at a school now renamed Logandale  Grammar School between George St. and Wellington St., north on Kedzie Avenue.  Grace Lutheran Church is across from the Chicago Public School.

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